Sterling started singing at age 8 in his church and that continued throughout private school with a fine arts requirement. Just before his high school graduation Sterling submitted an application & audition tape to a US ambassadorship and was one of only 50 throughout the United States chosen to join the American Symphony band & Choir for the summer of 82 tour of 7 European countries (10 weeks). Sterling's trained 4 octave voice at the time was perfectly poised to sing in many of the metal and rock bands in LA & Orange County and making a living during college in the 80's and early 90's.

After a long break from being in a band and focusing on family, Sterling started doing Country as a challenge which gained him paid Television & Audio work from Syber Sonic Records. Sterling is currently networked with and/or has sat in and shared the stage with some of the following hottest names that play the country bar circuit here in So Cal. Bands like  Whiskey Tango, JB and the Big Circle Riders, Michael Hart Band, The Doo-Wah Riders, Ex White Lighting members Brad Fletcher & Dr. Drums Darren Rottino, Luke James, Hillary Seleb, Paul Justin, Chris Lozano, Jason Hawks and other friends too many to list here. . Earlier this year, Sterling trained with former "Diamond Rio" producer & gold record holder Travis Allen Childress at Nashville Track's artist development program in Montrose, California.

Miguel is a professional musician and music teacher in the Los Angeles area and is a recent addition to the Sterling Sylver band. He has been playing and teaching drums for over 30 years and has studied under Nate Morton, Bruce Becker, Mark Schulman, Dom Famularo, Caton Lyles, Derek Reith, Jorge Alabe, Curt Moore, Dan Sabanovich, Fred Sanford and Ralph Hardimon.

Barry Dubin

Lead Guitar

Barry is a Dynamic Soloist. His style is largely based on improvisation. He never plays the same solos, always being inspirational and creative. His career has included membership in many bands and his playing style shows mastery from funk to blues and everything between with great control of effects and pedals... a wonderful sense of melodic and rhythmic playing to generate textures from his guitar. His career has been filled with unpredictable turns, but still reflected freedom and spontaneity in his playing.

The direction you will find Barry Dubin will be touching and inspiring players off all ages to bring their emotions to life with his music. Barry Dubins background includes: Electric and acoustic guitar, bass, composing and arranging on his 1st solo album and currently just finished his new cd. Barry Jammed with Jimi Hendrix one evening at the Galaxy Club on sunset where the Iron Butterfly started and played with Albert King at the Whiskey A Go Go.

Appearances include: Burt Sugarmans Midnight Special with band Alan a Tribute to Elvis, Merv Griffin in the band Believe All Magic, Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Records: Cotton Soul, Flower Eyes, Painted Smile with Pasternak Progress, produced by Brian Ross

Club Appearences: Gazzarris on the Sunset strip, Sea Witch, Whisky, Dave Hulls Hullaballoo Club, Bag of Nails, Filthy McNastys, Bito Lito's, The Ice House, Pandora's Box, Troubadour, Venice Pier, Palomino Club, The Cowboy, Stacey Farrell's, Sparky's.

Books and Articles: The Les Paul Legacy, Music Connection, Where the action Is.  

Sterling Sylver has played for up to 30 thousand people but still also enjoys playing in smaller, more intimate settings as well. They are considered a "show band", making sure that there is plenty of opportunity for singing and dancing and lots of interaction with the audience.  They believe in working hard and playing harder.  They believe in family, friends, fans and having fun!  It's not uncommon to see Sterling and Barry come off the stage during a song or two for an up close experience. So don't be too shy to get up and dance or sing along to all your favorite tunes! Sterling Sylver is the show you won't want to miss!  Sterling Sylver is the show people will be talking about tomorrow.

Sterling Sylver IS Kickin' Country!

From the backwoods of San Dimas, Sterling Sylver has successfully brought together some of the best musicians in Southern California to form a kickin' country band.  With each band member enjoying over 30 years performing in various bands across California, they are able to combine today's high energy country with traditional classics and the always popular Southern Rock bringing entertainment to groups of all ages.  Sterling's powerful vocals and passion for rockin' the country is evident in every performance.

Sterling Anthony

Lead Singer

Anda started out as one of our biggest fans and supporters.  We saw right away that she had a lot of talent with her dance moves and most of all, she always had so much fun on the dance floor!  So it made sense when we asked her to be our official Sterling Sylver Band dance instructor.

Anda comes to many of our shows and events and teaches basic dances to the guests who want to learn.  She has a knack for getting people over their initial shyness and gets them up on the dance floor learning how to dance to all of the songs that Sterling Sylver plays.  If you are planning an event, ask us about including Anda when you book Sterling Sylver!

Miguel Lyons-Cavazos


Frank is a an incredibly talented musician who is on loan to us from his main project, Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards.  Among his many talents, he fills in on bass and background vocals along with occasional rhythm guitar as needed for the Sterling Sylver band.  Frank has been a pro musician for many years sitting in with several top recording artists and playing in front of thousands of fans at all the best venues as well as appearing on TV shows.  We are certainly fortunate to have him on our team when we need him to step in.  




Frank Giffen

Bass Guitar,

Background Vocals